Brave Lifestyle from Ancient Lessons

Brave Lifestyle from Ancient Lessons

At Ancient + Brave our lifestyle philosophy is based on what we know of our ancestral ways, that is validated by scientific research and what is pragmatic and accessible to people living modern lifestyles.

As omnivores, we are the most adaptable species in the world and have always thrived on foods in their natural environments. There are societies living long and healthy lives on mostly meat-based diets and others on largely vegetarian diets – it comes down to what is indigenous to a local environment and an instinctive feel for what balance feels right for you.

We believe it is important to lose the concept of diet and dogma.

We must learn to heed our internal cues, understand our needs, and select the lifestyle protocols, exercise and foods that derive benefits for mind and body. We don’t need to be on ‘special diets’ or adhere to a specific workout protocol; our understanding of our needs must be well-informed, well-intentioned and implicitly understood. (Source:

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